Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Google Adsense Secrets 4th Edition (2009)

Author: Joel Comm

What google never told you about making mobey with adsense

When I came out with “What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense” in January 2005, I never imagined
that it would become so popular. Since that time, I have released a third edition, several other ebooks, a member site,
a telecourse series and find myself booked for multiple speaking engagements. Life is funny…

Today marks another milestone for me as I am pleased to announce the revised and expanded fourth edition of my AdSense
ebook, known also by it’s shorter (and easier to say) name, Google AdSense Secrets.

The 235-page fourth edtion is absolutely packed with AdSense goodness! It features the latest AdSense updates that deal with issues such as smart pricing and section targeting. It contains extended chapters on getting traffic to your site and how to get started with AdSense. And I’ve included even more case studies to provide real-life examples of AdSense done properly. The goal is to help my readers pick more money off the Google. And it seems to be working.

This guide is ideal for beginners and intermediate level users, providing strategies for building profitable websites,
monetizing with AdSense, as well as a number of other avenues for generating revenue.

Summary: Joel Comm Didn’t Crack the Code - This Time He Literally Rewrote IT!
Rating: 5

I read the original version of Joel’s book, so I thought that the newest version would probably be a waste of time.
But, I am very familiar with how important it is for Joel to provide value and over deliver. I wasn’t disappointed!

Instead of just restating or rearranging the words from the original version, Joel added all kinds of new strategies
and tips to really get your Google Adsense campaigns on steroids. It’s not a new version but a whole new book

It has made a real difference in my campaigns. Just by changing the font and banners colors, I went from averaging
between $550 - $600 a month, to generating that a week. I never would have been able to do that without reading his
book. It paid for itself on day one.

Chris Swain

The Wealth Coach



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