Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Google SketchUp Cookbook: Practical Recipes and Essential Techniques

Practical Recipes and Essential Techniques
Google SketchUp Cookbook: Practical Recipes and Essential Techniques
O’Reilly | English | ISBN: 0596155115 | May 11, 2009 | PDF | 384 Page | 10.8 Mb

As the first book for intermediate and advanced users of Google SketchUp, this Cookbook goes beyond the basics to explore the complex features and tools that design professionals use. You’ll get numerous step-by-step tutorials for solving common (and not so common) design problems, with detailed color graphics to guide your way, and discussions that explain additional ways to complete a task. Google SketchUp Cookbook will help you:

Use SketchUp more efficiently by taking advantage of components and groups
Learn new techniques for using Follow Me, Intersect, and constraints
Go beyond simple textures with tools such as texture positioning and Photo Match
Create animations and walkthroughs, and explore design scenarios by using layers and scenes
Learn how to use styles to customize your presentations
Combine SketchUp with the 3D Warehouse and Google Earth

Google SketchUp Cookbook is ideal for architects, engineers, interior designers, product designers, woodworkers, and other professionals and hobbyists who want to work more efficiently and achieve true mastery of this amazing tool.

About the Author
Bonnie Roskes is the founder of 3DVinci, a company that provides 3D design training for all ages and stages. Her books for design pros on SketchUp, Piranesi, and OneCNC have attracted a loyal following, and her SketchUp project books for kids K-12 are making 3D modeling and geometry accessible and fun for teachers, parents, and kids. Bonnie’s practical, hands-on focus is based in her education in structural engineering and years of experience in bridge design.



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