Monday, August 10, 2009

Learn HTML 4 In a Weekend, 4th Edition

Following your weekend, explore the appendixes for additional information and guidance on creating XHTML Web pages, using special characters and character sets, designing your own custom Web graphics, completing your wishlist (adding audio, video, animations, image maps, scripts, applets, and dynamic HTML), and using FTP to transfer your completed Web pages to your Web host???????????s server on the Web.
About the Author
Steve Callihan is a freelance and technical writer. He is the author of several books, including ????????Learn HTML In a Weekend, Third Edition???????? (ISBN: 0761526943), ????????Create Your First Mac Web Page In a Weekend???????? (ISBN: 0761521356), and ????????Create Your First Web Page In a Weekend???????? (ISBN: 0761513884), all from Premier Press. He has had several articles published in major computer magazines, including Internet World, and has extensive experience writing and producing hardware and software user guides. Steve lives in Seattle, Washington.

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