Monday, August 10, 2009

Photoshop CS4 After the Shoot


Mark Fitzgerald "Photoshop CS4 After the Shoot "

February 2009 | English | ISBN-13: 978-0-470-38986-7 | 371 Pages | PDF | 14.6 MB

If you’re a photographer on the go and want the ability to edit your photos on a laptop wherever the shoot takes you, then this book is for you. Whether you’re on location, in a coffee shop, on vacation, or on a business trip, you’ll find exactly what you need in this full-color, 6" x 9" guide. The book fits easily into your camera bag or laptop case and walks you through the workflow, editing, and organizing tasks found in this after-capture software programs— Photoshop CS4. It’s exactly what photographer’s need After the Shoot.

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