Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beginning Microsoft Office Live

Having a web site is almost mandatory whether you are an individual promoting yourself, part of a company showcasing its products or services, or even a member of a band promoting its music, for instance; but unless you want to hire an expert to put your web site together, you’ll need a good deal of experience and knowledge of web technologies to make your site look professional and convincing.

Microsoft Office Live provides a complete solution for creating attractive and effective web sites through a series of easy-to-use interfaces. The basic version is free, and you don’t need any coding knowledge to start making use of it.

Learn all the basic functions with Beginning Microsoft Office Live and get advice on how to improve site usability for your visitors, as well as explore more advanced topics. Your web site will soon be better designed and even more effective once you’ve mastered the more sophisticated aspects, such as sending e-mail to and from your site and adding dynamic functionality.
  • Create your own web site without any coding knowledge—ANYONE can use Microsoft Office Live!
  • Learn how to use all the standard functions.
  • Improve your web site—you’ll easily grasp the more advanced topics, such as improving site design and usability, e-mail, and adding dynamic functionality.


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