Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beginning Ubuntu Server LTS Administration From Novice to Professional

Beginning Ubuntu LTS Server Administration, Second Edition is the touchstone companion book for anyone implementing Ubuntu LTS Server. Author Sander van Vugt introduces the most recent server edition of Ubuntu Linux, the most popular Linux distribution, to power users, system administrators, and programmers and demonstrates the power and flexibility that the Hardy–Heron Ubuntu Server Long Term Support Edition offers for small networks and corporate systems alike.
This book covers:

  • Installing and configuring Ubuntu to ensure secure installations
  • Virtual Ubuntu
  • Full network and web services management

What you’ll learn

  • Administer, install, and configure the 5–year Hardy–Heron Ubuntu Server Long Term Support Edition of the most popular Linux distribution in the world
  • Use the new installation and GUI tools
  • Familiarize yourself, whether you are a power user or system administrator
  • Build a network infrastructure with Ubuntu Server
  • Harden Ubuntu to withstand new security threats
  • Use virtual services


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