Thursday, November 12, 2009

C # Class Design Handbook Coding Effective Classes

The mission of the C# Class Design Handbook is to provide you with a critical understanding of designing classes, making you better equipped to take full advantage of C#’s power to create robust, flexible, reusable classes. This comprehensive guide lifts the lid on syntax and examines what’s really going on behind the scenes.
Specific topics include the role of types in .NET, the different kinds of types C# can create, the fundamental role of methods as containers of program logic, and the workings behind .NET’s delegate-based event system. It will also show you how to control and exploit inheritance in your types and how to create logical and physical code organization through namespaces and assemblies.

Designing clasees that don’t have to be revisited and revised over and over again is an art. This handbook aims to put that art in your hands, giving you a deeper understanding of the decisions you must make to design classes, and design them effectively.


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