Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Drawing Cartoons Comics For Dummies 2009

Your real-world guide to creating and marketing original cartoons

Do you love comics? Want to become a cartoonist? This practical, hands-on guide is packed with step-by-step instructions and plenty of tips for creating your own cartoons. From inanimate objects to animals to aliens, you can see how to breathe life into your characters and make your cartoons stand out. Plus, you discover how to

* Master the basic building blocks — set up your workspace; start creating with pencil, ink, and pens; and fix mistakes
* Get the creative juices flowing — find inspiration and formulate your cartoon idea, gag, or concept, and make it work
* Create your characters — from their heads to their toes, give your characters personality and presence
* Assemble your comic strip — create an effective background, plan your layout, letter your cartoons, create drama, and more
* Fine-tune your work — discover the tools and techniques for digitally formatting your comics.

Download here.


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