Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks

Scott Kelby, co-host of Photoshop User TV and the world’s #1 bestselling Photoshop author, is back to unlock the secrets of an amazing new collection of the latest eye-popping, jaw-dropping, Photoshop special effects—the same kind that made Scott’s previous editions of this book one of the top selling Photoshop books in history.

You’ll learn some of the most closely guarded Photoshop CS4 special effects—the same ones you see on TV, in magazines, and on the Web. Using Scott’s simple step-by-step method, with hundreds of full-color images, you’ll see exactly how it’s all done. The book is written so clearly, and it is so easy to follow, you’ll immediately be able to create all of these effects yourself. You’ll learn:

• The latest photographic special effects
• How to fake studio shots (you’ll be amazed at how it’s done)
• The latest cutting-edge type effects
• The most popular effects used by big movie studios
• The most-requested advertising effects
• Commercial effects that clients go crazy over!
• The most asked-for current Web effects
• Amazing 3D effects using Photoshop Extended
• Plus loads of effects that look hard, but are easy once you know the secrets
And not only that, but the whole book is packed with creative ideas, layouts, and design techniques that will help you unleash your own creativity. It’s all here, in the only Photoshop book of its kind. You’re gonna love it!


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