Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Data Mining Patterns

Since the introduction of the Apriori algorithm a decade ago, the problem of mining patterns is becoming a very active research

area, and efficient techniques have been widely applied to the problems either in industry or science. Currently, the data mining community is focusing on new problems such as: mining new kinds of patterns, mining patterns under constraints, considering new kinds of complex data, and real-world applications of these concepts.

Data Mining Patterns: New Methods and Applications provides an overall view of the recent solutions for mining, and also explores new kinds of patterns. This book offers theoretical frameworks and presents challenges and their possible solutions concerning pattern extractions, emphasizing both research techniques and real-world applications. Data Mining Patterns: New Methods and Applications portrays research applications in data models, techniques and methodologies for mining patterns, multi-relational and multidimensional pattern mining, fuzzy data mining, data streaming, incremental mining, and many other topics.

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