Monday, December 14, 2009

IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale 6

A data grid is a means of combining computing resources. Data grids provide a way to distribute object storage and add capacity on demand

in the form of CPU, memory, and network resources from additional servers. All three resource types play an important role in how fast data can be processed, and how much data can be processed at once. WebSphere eXtreme Scale provides a solution to scalability issues through caching and grid technology. Working with a data grid requires new approaches to writing highly scalable software; this book covers both the practical eXtreme Scale libraries and design patterns that will help you build scalable software.

Starting with a blank slate, this book assumes you don’t have experience with IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale. It is a tutorial-style guide detailing the installation of WebSphere eXtreme Scale right through to using the developer libraries. It covers installation and configuration, and discusses the reasons why a data grid is a viable middleware layer. It also covers many different ways of interacting with objects in eXtreme Scale. It will also show you how to use eXtreme Scale in new projects, and integrate it with relational databases and existing applications

What you will learn from this book?

* Explore different ways of interacting with data in the grid
* Configure ObjectGrid instances programmatically and via XML configuration files
* Achieve extreme performance by using grid agents
* Explore practical data grid usage patterns
* Integrate a data grid and a database
* Configure eXtreme Scale for long-term deployments through educated capacity planning
* Configure an ObjectGrid client application using Spring
* Give your database a shock-absorber by putting a data grid in front of it
* Support thousands of concurrent clients by adding capacity to the grid and scale out linearly
* Protect your data by keeping it on multiple server racks and in multiple data centers
* Explore the features of WebSphere eXtreme Scale by expanding the Entity and Query repertoire

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