Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PHP Object-Oriented Solutions

With the surge of popularity of PHP 5, and with PHP 6 just around the corner, Object-Oriented Programming is now an important consideration for PHP developers. This version-neutral book is a gentle introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) that wont overburden you with complex theory. It teaches you the essential basics of OOP that youll need to know before moving onto a more advanced level, and includes a series of pre-packaged scripts that you can incorporate into your existing sites with the minimum of effort. It shows how OOP can be used to create reusable and portable code by walking you through a series of simple projects. The projects feature the sorts of things developers run up against every day, and include a validator for filtering user input, a simple Date class that avoids the need to remember all the esoteric format codes in PHP, and an XML generator.

* Teaches the fundamentals of OOP
* Simple projects show how OOP concepts work in the real world
* Pre-packaged scripts can easily be added to your own projects

What youll learn

* PHP features, such as the Standard PHP Library
(SPL), that are poorly documented or ignored by existing books
* How to develop classes of their own
* OOP in easy-to-understand language without getting bogged down in dense theory
* Solid foundations for developers wishing to delve more deeply into OOP
* How to leverage the strengths of OOP as a means for creating reusable code that can be used successfully within a procedural context
* How to code for both PHP 5 and 6

Download here.


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