Monday, December 14, 2009

Restful Java with Jax-RS (Animal Guide)

Learn how to design and develop distributed web services
in Java using RESTful architectural principals and the JAX-RS specification in Java EE 6. With this hands-on reference, you’ll focus on implementation rather than theory, and discover why the RESTful method is far better than technologies like CORBA and SOAP.

It’s easy to get started with services based on the REST architecture. RESTful Java with JAX-RS includes a technical guide that explains REST and JAX-RS, how they work, and when to use them. With the RESTEasy workbook that follows, you get step-by-step instructions for installing, configuring, and running several working JAX-RS examples using the JBoss RESTEasy implementation of JAX-RS.

* Work on the design of a distributed RESTful interface
, and develop it in Java as a JAX-RS service
* Dispatch HTTP requests in JAX-RS, and learn how to extract information from them
* Deploy your web services within Java Enterprise Edition
using the Application class, Default Component Model, EJB Integration, Spring Integration, and JPA
* Discover several options for securing your web services
* Learn how to implement RESTful design patterns using JAX-RS
* Write RESTful clients in Java using libraries and frameworks such as, Apache HTTP Client, and RESTEasy Proxy

Download here.


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