Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spring Enterprise Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

The Spring Framework is a widely adopted enterprise and general Java framework. The release of Spring Framework 3.0 has added many improvements and new features for Spring development. Written by Gary Mak of the best-selling Spring Recipes and Josh Long, an expert Spring user and developer, Spring Enterprise Recipes is one of the first books on the new Spring 3.

This key book focuses on Spring Framework 3.0, the latest version available, and a framework-related suite of tools, extensions, plug-ins, modules, and more—all of which you may want and need for building three-tier Java EE applications.

* Build Spring enterprise and Java EE applications from the ground up using Recipes from this book as templates to get you started, fast.
* Employ Spring Integration, Spring Batch and jBPM with Spring to bring your application’s architecture to the next level.
* Use Spring’s remoting, and messaging support to distribute your application, or bring your application to the cloud with GridGain and Terracotta.

What you’ll learn

* Integrate legacy systems with Spring, bridging the gaps with Spring’s JMS support and Spring Integration.
* Use Spring Batch to insulate yourself from the tedious, hard-to-test code required to efficiently handle offline or batch processing scenarios.
* Build highly concurrent, grid-ready applications using Gridgain and Terracotta
* Build modular services using OSGi with Spring DM and Spring Dynamic Modules and SpringSource dm Server. Take the lightweight philosophy of the Spring framework to its logical extension. The Spring framework brings you all of the power of JEE, à la carte!
* Integrate Spring with Java EE 5 and 6 APIs and services
* How to leverage job scheduling, and e-mail services using Spring’s abstractions.

Download here.


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