Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Amphotos Guide to Digital Black and White Printing

•Shows photographers how to use digital printing techniques to create masterful black-and-white images
•Digital printing is replacing the darkroom-everyone who shoots in black and white needs to know these specialized techniques

Everybody’s shooting in black and white-for weddings, for studio work, for portraits and family pictures, and anything that looks great with a classic, documentary style. Digital cameras make it easier to shoot in black and white, but many photographers are struggling to create the sharp, crisp, timeless look of great pictures in this medium. They need Amphoto’s Guide to Digital Black and White Printing. From new digital ways to perform traditional darkroom techniques (such as exposure, burning and dodging, and highlight control) to handling duotones, hue saturation, and even “hand coloring” effects…it’s all here, in black and white.

Download here.


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