Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beginning CouchDB

The new world of cloud computing needs data storage. CouchDB is the
scalable, portable, simple database engine that is helping open source
cloud architects put their data stores onto a firm foundation. Beginning CouchDB
provides the tools to begin using this very powerful database engine
without having to pay license fees for the software, or worry about
administrator’s certifications or vast hardware requirements. This book
teaches the fundamentals of one of the most powerful database engines
ever created for the price of a good lunch. After reading this book and
working through the examples, you’ll be able to write your own
applications for CouchDB quickly and easily.
  • In-depth,
    non-intimidating guide to CouchDB and how it differs from similar
    offerings such as SimpleDB and BigTable, and also how it differs from
    traditional relational and object-oriented databases such as Oracle,
    SQL Server, and MySQL.
  • Detailed explanation of how CouchDB
    works, its suitability for use in distributed environments, the role of
    Erlang, and other technical topics in a manner that does not obfuscate
    methods or results. JavaScript is extremely popular as a development
    language for CouchDB. No Erlang is required, but a little bit can’t
    hurt either.
  • A tutorial-oriented approach to teaching
    readers how to use CouchDB, featuring many code examples and listings,
    as well as screenshots where relevant.

What you’ll learn

  • How to install CouchDB on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, or Windows and enjoy its portability
  • How
    to use the CouchDB database and document-oriented databases, and the
    differences between document-oriented and traditional database
    management systems
  • How to use Futon, the administration interface for CouchDB
  • How to create and manage a basic CouchDB database
  • Intermediate CouchDB concepts, including views, the REST API, JSON, map/reduce, load balancing, replication, and scalability
  • How to develop full CouchDB applications to get the reader up and running with CouchDB development as quickly as possible
Download here.


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